Editorial July 2010

As we endure the sweltering heat of these mid-summer days in Boston, I hope you will find this latest issue of the Music Business Journal both enjoyable and refreshing.  As a first time collaborator with the talented MBJ team, it is my sincerest pleasure to be introducing a collective work that is as timely and informative as this summer’s edition.

The Internet continues to be one of the most influential factors on the changing music industry.  On the legal side of things, I will try and offer some history and perspective on the pressing “Network Neutrality” controversy— an issue that threatens the freedom of the open Internet as we know it.  Additionally, Ben Hong will provide us with a revealing account of the recent “YouTube vs. Viacom” court decision, including its impact on online copyright infringement laws.

As the industry begins to embrace the Internet’s true potential, net-driven agencies, labels, and promotion companies everywhere are beginning to prosper.  HelloMusic, is a completely new kind of artist promotion website that was just launched in January of this year.  Nick Susi will give us the scoop on all of the exposure and high-profile networks available to users of this new service.  Lee Moretti will also share with us the remarkable progress that the Chicago-based Windish Agency has experienced thanks to its resourceful use of the Internet in promoting its clients.

At the explosive rate at which online marketing is progressing, many independent artists are finding the digital front somewhat overwhelming.  In this issue, Berklee Faculty Member, George Howard offers a comprehensive how-to piece for musicians looking to target their audiences and cultivate die-hard fans in the digital world.  This is a must read for artists, band members, managers, and promoters.

Earlier this summer, The FIFA World Cup was undoubtedly the largest topic of conversation in almost every part of the world.  Its vast audience creates a cornucopia of promotional opportunities that artist of all kinds have used to their advantage. Dahyun Ed Jeong shares a timely piece on how, throughout the history of the event, the World Cup has played an integral role in launching the careers of new musicians into the stratosphere.

As the summer touring industry marches forward, Ricardo Gomez sheds light on what could be the “make it or break it” summer for LiveNation.  A progressive rise in ticket prices coupled with a downtrodden economy/ Music Industry threaten to take the company under for good.  Taking things abroad, Po-Ya Chang describes the difficulties felt by foreign artists as they attempt to eek their way into China’s lucrative but controlled touring market.  Lastly, I’ll sum things up with brief first quarter financials of the big four major labels.

I am consistently impressed by the quality that the MBJ team delivers with each and every one of its releases. Hopefully, you’ll find this summer issue sustains a great reputation.  Be sure to check us out online at thembj.org where you can download this and past numbers.  Thanks so much for reading.


Evan Kramer