Editorial November 2010

With vibrant colors of the fall season enhancing the beauty of the Boston skyline, this latest release of the Music Business Journal arrives just in time to beat the winter cold.  A new season is here, along with a fresh batch of hot-off-the press industry news.

Technology continues to reshape the changing landscape of the business.  Trish Hosein kicks things off with an informative piece on RightsFlow and its innovative approach to online mechanical licensing.  Luiz Silva also shares a well-researched look at US Copyright Law as it relates to digital music.  The diminished use of physical distribution mediums is causing lawmakers to reassess laws originally written to protect tangible product.  Recording technology also continues to bud with the recent release of the highly anticipated, Pro Tools Native.  Hunt Hearin provides us with a timely report on the new software and its significance to the home studio market.

As technology moves forward, the window of possibility for independent labels and artists is steadily opening.  Dean Miller reports on the growing number of indie labels that are distributing their product on formats thought to be extinct; cassettes, vinyl, etc.  Nick Susi has also provided us with a thoughtful analysis of new indie label, Polyphonic.   No advances and no copyright ownership- this label is striving to reinvent the wheel.

Artist Branding is quickly becoming an essential factor to surviving in the digital world.  Kerry Fee discusses the ways in which artists are beginning to harness this concept’s power.  In addition, Mike King –marketing director at the Berklee College of Music- has provided a very revealing piece about the fan-funding site, Kickstarter.com.  Studying the details of successful funding campaigns, King has compiled a set of information that is guaranteed to change the way you think about fan-funding.

Reporting abroad, Sahil Mehrotra offers a detailed piece on the developing music industry in India and the ways in which international factors aid its expansion.  Mia Verdoorn also shares a detailed account of her summer internship at Sony South Africa during the FIFA World Cup.

As environmental awareness spreads, an increasing number of companies and organizations are “going green.”  This month, Minden Jones brings a telling article on the numerous advantages of a green music industry.  Lastly, I’ve provided a detailed report on the court case that will decide the fate of the EMI record label.  Equity investor, Terra Firma challenges its lender, Citibank, in federal court on alleged claims of fraud.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce this latest issue of the Music Business Journal.  My hope is that you will find it both timely and informative.  Be sure to check us out on thembj.org and our facebook group page.
Thanks so much for reading.

Evan Kramer

Editor in Chief



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