Free Music with Nokia and UMG

Cellphone giant Nokia has struck a deal with Universal Music Group to offer buyers of Nokia music phones free access to Universal artist’s music for a 12-month period. Nokia has signed on with Universal Music Group International for their new “Comes With Music” plan, which will allow Nokia users who have purchased a music phone to download all the music they want, free for 12 months. The plan also allows the user to keep the music after the 12-month period expires.
Comes With Music is designed to be a subscription based download service. Using the music phone or device, you will be able to load the music onto your computer. It is also limited to the use of three phones during the year service, in the event that yours is lost or have to upgrade. While many details are still left unsaid, Nokia is also looking into similar deals with other record labels and other device manufacturers before they officially launch the plan in the latter half of 2008.



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